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In it you will find listings that will direct you to solo musicians for hire, groups, combos, bands and orchestras. The listings are arranged by style, and feature photos, bios, audio clips and video.

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United Way Centraide is gearing up for their 2015 campaign, and the Canadian Federation of Musicians is excited to support and officially endorse this initiative. The Canadian Labour Congress, Canada’s central labour body, has also affirmed their support for the 2015 campaign.

Centraide United Way Canada se prépare à lancer sa campagne 2015 et la Fédération Canadienne des Musiciens est heureuse de soutenir et d’appuyer officiellement cette grande initiative. Le Congrès du Travail du Canada, organisme national du mouvement syndical, apportera aussi son appui à cette campagne 2015.





On November 5th, the Local hosted an in­formation session about the Musicians’ Rights Organization of Canada. We were pleased to have Julia Train, Senior Manager, Communications and Outreach, present at the meeting to explain to the group the nuts and bolts of registering with MROC, which may have money for you if any of the recordings that you made during the last fifty years have had airplay since 1998. Here's a video of the presentation.





The latest issue of the eHarp is available here. Click here and download it now!




Dear AFM member,

We are launching AFM Entertainment, our new booking service covering the U.S.and Canada, on Wednesday, May 30. It's time to get on board and add your musical act to our roster — don't get left behind!

Visit and login using your username and password.

We'll be booking gigs for all genres, from classical to soul to salsa to rock to jazz. And every job will pay at least the appropriate local scale wages and benefits.

To participate, your act will need a solid, engaging profile. That means a well-written bio, at least one professional-grade photo, and either good audio or a decent video. These materials are easily submitted on the AFM Entertainment website.

AFM Entertainment provides a new avenue for members to potentially get good-paying, union work. If you're the leader of an ensemble, band, or self-contained solo act (ex. guitarist) do not miss this opportunity.

Sign up today! 

Send any questions to

Thank you,

American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada 




The AFM applauds the passage of the FAA Bill that sets a consistent national policy allowing musical instruments on airplanes


After five years and 23 short-term extensions, Congress has passed legislation reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the next four years. Included in the bill are provisions that create a uniform national policy regarding musical instruments on airplanes. Any instrument that can be safely stored in the overhead compartment or underneath the seat may be brought on board as carry-on luggage. Additionally, the bill sets standard weight and size requirements for checked instruments, and permits musicians to purchase a seat for oversized instruments, such as cellos, that are too delicate to be checked. Existing law allowed each airline to set their own policy regarding musical instruments, and size requirements varied widely for both carry-on and checked baggage. The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) has been lobbying Congress to enact such a policy for nearly a decade.

"This is great news for professional musicians throughout the U.S. and Canada who carry the tools of our trade – our instruments – aboard commercial aircraft," said AFM President Ray Hair. "Ending the confusion over musical instruments as carry-on baggage has been a top legislative priority for nearly a decade. I am proud of our Government Relations Director, Hal Ponder and his assistant Laura Brigandi in our Washington legislative office for seeing the effort through. Musicians can now fly in friendlier skies."

The FAA reauthorization was passed by the House of Representatives on Friday, February 3 by a 248-169 vote. It subsequently passed the Senate on Monday, February 6, 75-20.  The President is expected to sign the bill into law.


Changes to P2 Administration Fees.

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Members, Managers and Agents!!

Read the information on tax withholding in the USA which can be viewed by clicking on the web link below. 

Many of you with plans to travel to the US to work will need to know this information NOW! 



If you are a teacher, please contact the office so that we can put you in our new teachers directory!

Also, you can find the new Teaching Contract on the website, in the Members Section.


Price List Regulations Book Now Available

This is likely the most important document created for our members. You are encouraged to log-in to the MEMBERS section of the website and download the PDF now. If you don't have log-in information please send a request to

Telephone   613.235.3253

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Membership in the Musicians Association of Ottawa-Gatineau confirms your status as a professional musician. When you become a member, you join not only this Local but 250,000 professional musicians around the world.








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Perform Live?

Get Paid by Socan for your Live Performances!

Cover Charge: Must be over $6.00

Proof of Performance: Ticket Stub or Poster

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If you have performed on recordings that have  been released to the public, you may be entitled to receive royalties. MROC pays revenue to performers when those recordings are played on the radio and in public places. MROC also pays performers their share of the private copying levy.